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Since 1992, AEPCOR-Geothermal has assisted homeowners in the sizing and design of their geothermal systems. AEPCOR has also provided contractors with products and design plans for residential and light commercial geothermal systems. We are now expanding our offerings to the high efficiency gas and air to air heat pump systems as well. Homeowners and contractors depend upon AEPCOR for its experience in design and sizing of the entire geothermal, gas or air to air heat pump systems. This includes matching all components and equipment with the heat loss and heat gain of your home or building. We then design the ground loop and hydronic loop to ensure the correct amount of flow for the highest efficiency possible.

Homeowner Information Contractor Information

For the homeowner looking to install a geothermal,
gas or air to air system, AEPCOR will consult with you
about your building design and energy plans. We will
help you in choosing a contractor best suited for the

• Heat loss/gain
• System design
• Referral to qualified installers

Contractors preparing geothermal, gas or air to air energy plans for building design and/or installation can rely upon AEPCOR for assistance. We have all the products necessary for you to build a high efficiency system from start to finish.

• Site surveys
• Heat loss/gain analysis
• Cost comparisons
• Technical assistance

See our LINKS page for all
the brands AEPCOR carries.
906 Byers Road
Somerset, Pennsylvania 15501
Telephone 814.443.6796
Fax 814.443.0882


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