Stoney Rice, the owner, is well known in the industry as an experienced professional in geothermal system design. Stoney has now expanded his distribution to all high efficiency heating and cooling systems. He is constantly upgrading his capabilities and is currently offering hydronic designs for geothermal heat pumps, gas boilers and air to air heat pumps. Geothermal and gas can incorporate radiant floor heating with hot and chilled water fan coils for additional heat and air conditioning. His designs all reflect his preference for non-pressurized systems because of their simplicity and ease of maintenance. His design philosophy includes three elements; lowest initial cost to the customer, lowest monthly operating cost and providing the homeowner with a system that will maintain a comfortable temperature on the coldest day of  winter and the hottest day of summer. Our products and services are applicable for new construction or retrofitting an existing home with a geothermal heating and cooling system.

Initially, a heat loss/gain analysis will be done on your home. It will include looking at the square footage of the home, levels being conditioned, and R-values of the materials used or to be used in construction.


From this information, Stoney and his staff can size a system to best suit your needs. Additionally, he will identify what type of system you want in terms of in-floor heat or forced air. Stoney's plans will incorporate this into his design for your home. From there he can put you in touch with a qualified installer or installers. Then you, the homeowner can choose who best suits your time frame, budget and personality.

AEPCOR stocks what you need for your Geothermal, high efficiency gas and air to air heat pump systems. We are distributors for Climate Master geothermal heat pumps, HTP high efficiency gas boilers and related components as well as Samsung Ductless Mini Splits.

We also stock ground loop pipe, radiant tubing, fusion fittings, radiant fittings, manifolds, thermostats, motors, pumps, hose kits, air handlers, ball valves, solenoid valves, hard start kits, filter driers, cardboard and electrostatic air filters, and much more. 

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