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In 1992, Stoney Rice, President, saw the many benefits geothermal energy had to offer. Stoney came to the conclusion that geothermal energy seemed to be an environmentally friendly and economical solution for heating our homes and businesses. The heat of the earth is available everywhere, and we endeavor to use it in a broader diversity of circumstances. It is considered a renewable resource because the heat emanating from the Earth is essentially limitless. The heat continuously flowing from the Earth is expected to remain so for billions of years to come, ensuring an inexhaustible supply of energy.

Geothermal heat pumps are also known by a variety of other names, including geo-exchange, earth-coupled, earth energy or water-source heat pumps. The engineering and scientific communities prefer the terms "geo-exchange" or "ground source heat pumps" because geothermal power traditionally refers to heat originating from deep in the Earth's mantle. Ground source heat pumps harvest a combination of geothermal power and heat from the sun when heating, but work against these heat sources when used for air conditioning. We at AEPCOR-Geothermal strive to prepare safe and efficient energy systems for your homes and business needs.



We carry Climate Master heat pumps. We are also an authorized distributor for B&D Manufacturing, Inc. AEPCOR carries a full line of their revolutionary non-pressurized flow centers. We stock the GT, QT, and can specially design Multizone and HS Flow Centers to meet your needs. We stock Oil Creek oxygen and non-oxygen barrier Domestic Aqua PE-RT Tubing in Red, White, Blue and available in all sizes. We can supply all your PE pipe needs -- straight, coils and unicoils. We carry everything you need for geothermal installations.

We have also expanded our offerings to include High Efficiency Gas Boilers, Air to Air Heat Pumps and Ductless Mini Splits. The same professional design and sizing is available for all equipment and applications.

In addition to offering quality products at reasonable prices, my staff and I strive to provide our customers with first-rate customer service. Contractors can take advantage of the free services we offer, such as heat loss/gain analysis, annual cost comparisons of competing fuel systems, and the experience and the resources to help you with installation and troubleshooting.

Come and see us for your geothermal energy needs.

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